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Paper Examines Climate Change Resilience

Philosophy's Thomas Heyd has returned from Edmonton's inaugural Cities and Climate Change Science Conference in March, where he presented a paper on facing climate change in marginalized urban settings. Heyd was part of a UVic research team that included Geography's Jutta Gutberlet and Environmental Studies' Ana María Peredo. Their paper, "Facing Climate Change In Marginalised Urban Settings: Resilience Through Social Innovation," examined innovative strategies to increase resilience among marginalized urban populations, including informal, collective recycling efforts, common in the Global South, and energy self-sufficiency, such as that achieved by the T’Sou-ke First Nation, which installed 550 solar panels in 2009. Heyd is also an expert reviewer for the forthcoming IPCC 1.5ºC report and will present at the International Congress of Environmental Humanities in July in Spain. Heyd is co-founder of the inter-disciplinary Human Dimensions of Climate Change program at UVic. 

International Meeting of the Recycling Networks & Waste Governance Research Projects


Kisumu, Kenya, April 23rd-28th, 2018

Dr. Jutta Gutberlet is involved in the organization of this International Meeting for the Recycling Networks project.

  • Agenda for April 23rd (main conference) available here.

  • Agenda for the whole week (incl. working meetings) available here.

  • To access the notes on the international conference and workshops in Kisumu, click here.


Ideafest Workshop, March 7th, 2018

On Wednesday March 7th, the Community Based Research Lab (CBRL) is proud to present “Have you talked to them? Building social and environmental justice through community based research” as part of UVIC’s Ideafest 2018. Come join us from 1:00-3:00 pm to see why Community Based Research is quickly gaining recognition as an important tool in addressing complex environmental, health and social issues, and learn about the challenges and rewards experienced in this form of research.  This workshop will consist of case study presentations featuring faculty and graduate students that will discuss community engaged research experiences and outcomes, followed by a panel discussion about how to engage ethically and effectively with community in your research. Panel participants will include Robin Cox, Alvaro Moreno, and Tiffany Hill (Youth researcher at Royal Roads University). Click here for panel details. 

Don't miss Jutta Gutberlet and Sayed Uddin's talk on March 1 at UVic! 

Waste pickers constitute the bottom layer of the waste recycling system and are considered one of the key stakeholders in the informal recycling sector in the solid waste management system. Generally, these people are poor, vulnerable to various kinds of occupational health risks/problems and diseases and are often marginalized. In this talk, Drs. Gutberlet and Uddin (Community-based Research Laboratory, UVic Geography) will present results of a CAPI-funded, mixed-method study that examined the health and livelihoods of waste-pickers in Dhaka, Bangladesh and identified ways to improve their conditions.